X'mas trip to Japan


20th - Fukuoka, Drum Logos, Standing C 9x番 (...I wish they had a seating map...)
21st - ???
22nd - ???
23rd - ???
24 & 25th - Tsubasa Live in Osaka
26th - Home

Any suggestion on where to go on 21st-23rd? Recommendations?
I'm running out of ideas...
I've been to Osaka and Kyoto more times than I can count and hit all the even slightly tourisy spots, been on short day trips to Nara, Izumo and Ise.
Since I'll be traveling alone, onsen is sorta out of the question (too shy do it alone...)
Help? Any other interesting place in that area for sight seeing? Anyone there at that time and want to meet up?

Sorta considered going to Saiga Mitsuki's live on the 23rd, but it's all the way over in Yokohama...

L: Change the World

Finally saw the movie.
L is adorable.

To be honest the whole plot was a bit cliche, but it was a very enjoyable (...aside from mourning Watari and dreading the inevitable end of 23 days...)

And I think I can finally go and read the second half of the manga, for extremely minor spoileish reason: now that I started liking Near (I know the movie universe diverged from the manga universe ages ago, but whatever XD )

Oh, and thanks for the red envelope, hazuki_katako ^^


Whoa, it has already been one month into the new year?!

Work has been CRAZY lately, a researcher left around Nov. but boss decided not to hire a new one right now = =; And then we are doing audited report for the past two years, so that means hunting down old documents on top of everything else *pulls hair out*
Good thing is tho, I got two months salary as bonus, and a raise for the next year.
Bad thing is... when I told my dad what my new salary is (which, as far as I know, is already higher than all my highschool/college friends that I kept in touch with), he was like "... as long as you're happy with that" = =; he thinks I should be on a career path to be an executive or something... *sigh* hate to disappoint, but I don't think I'm cut out for that.

On a happier (?) note, saw Sweeney Todd at the cinema yesterday, loved it, tho I missed the parts that they took out (esp the "we've got tinker", "something pinker", "tailor?", "paler", "butler!", "subtler" bit xD) but it was beau~tiful~ anyway XD

Getting dragged to China for vacation next week, it's bloody cold there right now tho', I'm half hoping the tour would get cancelled, or if it doesn't, I pray we don't get stuck there for a week because of bad weather.


Still alive (Again)
absolutely nothing interesting happened lately.
Went to see the 3D version of Nightmare Before Christmas the other day tho, it was great. JackJack = ♥

Super cute oofuri keychains from my last Japan trip~ I didn't manage to get Tajima-kun tho T_T


Just to let you know I'm still alive.
Had lasik done a couple of days ago, yay no more glasses XDDD
Need to be careful and not get water in eyes this week tho...


Is alive.
Did manage to fly out on Friday.
Rained the whole time when Yocchin was in TW, and stopped as soon as he left XDDD
But we had fun.
Yocchin was as good looking in person as he is on photos, and cute, and very very kind.
More later, probably.


Typhoon #8 in HK.
There's a chance I can't fly out tonight...
There's a chance Yocchin can't land in Taiwan tomorrow @@; (my friend in TW says there's a possibility of typhoon there too)