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26 September 2005 @ 10:27 pm
[Lyrics Tranlations] Tonde! Tonde! Mawatte! Isshuukan by Cap to Bin / Ryoma  
Simply my favourite Cap to Bin song XD

E: Eiji M: Momoshiro
K: Kawamura
I: Inui
S: Kaidoh (Snake... we have too many Ks ||| )

Romanji English
tonde! tonde! mawatte! isshuukan
konna mon de Donna mon de mata raishuu

(E: nya nya nya...)

E: getsuyoubi kara asanebou
M: kayoubi yake ni harahetta
K: suiyoubi sushiya no tetsudai (hey irashiai)
I: mokuyoubi DATA atsumeteta
K: nanka sugokunai?
M: tsuuka nanka yabakunai?
S: kinyoubi hitasura hashitteta
E: nanka sugokunai?
M: tsuuka ashita asobanai?
All: doyoubi wa minna de BOWLING
(I: hai, kore nomu)
E: aozu de DOWN no nichiyoubi

tonde! tonde! mawatte! isshuukan
nandakanda donnakanda mata raishuu

(E: Bui!
 M: Don don don...)

E: getsuyoubi "Tsubasa ni Natte"
K: kayoubi "Burning Heart" (GREAT)
S: suiyoubi "Chain Reaction"
M: mokuyoubi "JUMP" wo kiiteita
E: nanka sugokunai?
K: tsuuka nanka yabakunai?
E: kinyoubi
I: nanika wasuretenai?
M: arette uta ja nai?
K: tsuuka RAP demo nai!
E: jakesha mo hitori dake chigatteta!
All: "YOU GET THE POWER"tte ari desu ka?
(I: RESUPI desu)

tonde! tonde! mawatte! isshuukan
kore mon de are mon de mata raishuu

(S: fshuu fshuu fshuu..
 K: Arigatou
 I: rikutsu janai)

E: getsuyoubi JUMP wo yonda
I: kayoubi RIVAL-kou no kyoku, CHECK
M: suiyoubi AniPuri wo mita
K: mokuyoubi RajiPuri kiiteita
E: nanka sugokunai?
K: tsuuka nanka yabakunai?
All: kinyoubi
S: nanika ga monotarinee
M: korette hamarisugi ja nai?
E: tsuuka chotto yabakunai?
K: donichi wa EVENT sanka shite
All: naanka ashita ga machikirenai!

tonde! tonde! mawatte! isshuukan (E: Bui!)
konna mon de donna mon de mata raishuu

tonde! tonde! mawatte! isshuukan
tte na mon de donaide mata raishuu
mata raishuu

E: heno kappa
Jump! Jump! Spin! Spin! One week passed
this kind of thing what kind of thing see you next week

(E: nya nya nya...)

E: Monday, been taking naps ever since
M: Tuesday, extremely hungry
K: Wednesday, helped out at sushi resturant (Hey welcome!)
I: Thursday, collected data
K: Itsn't that amazing?
M: Itsn't that a bit dangerous?
S: Friday, ran intensely
E: Itsn't that amazing?
M: Won't we go play tomorrow?
All: Saturday, everyone play bowling
(I: hai, drink this)
E: down for the whole Sunday from Aozu

Jump! Jump! Spin! Spin! One week passed
whatever however see you next week

(E: Bui!
 M: Don don don...)

E: Monday listen to "Tsubasa ni Natte"*
K: Tuesday listen to "Burning Heart" (GREAT)
S: Wednesday listen to "Chain Reaction"
M: Thursday listen to "JUMP" wo kiiteita
E: Itn't that great?
K: Itsn't that a bit dangerous?
E: Friday
I: Did you forget something?
M: That can't be a song?
K: And it's not even Rap either!
E: Even the CD jacket is different from the rest!
All: Is there such song called "YOU GET THE POWER"?
(I: It's a recipe...)

(* these are all their respective solo singles)

Jump! Jump! Spin! Spin! One week passed
this kind of thing and that kind of thing see you next week

(S: fshuu fshuu fshuu..
 K: Arigatou
 I: this makes no sense)

E: Monday, read Shounen Jump
I: Tuesday, checked on rival schools
M: Wednesday, watched AniPuri
K: Thursday, listened to RajiPuri
E: Itn't that great?
K: Itsn't that a bit dangerous?
All: Friday
S: Still seems to be missing something
M: itsn't this a bit too obsessed?
E: Isn't this a bit dangerous?
K: participate in events on weekends
All: I can't wait till tomorrow!

Jump! Jump! Spin! Spin! One week passed (E: Bui!)
this kind of thing what kind of thing see you next week

"Jump! Jump! Spin! Spin! One"
what's wrong with saying that see you next week
see you next week

E: That was too easy!

Here's the extra part for Ryoma's version :)

Ryoma: Good Morning
Eiji: Good Morning~~~ Hey Echizen, lets sing lets sing~
Ryoma: Kikumaru-senpai... what's with this look?
Eiji: Since I'm the radio operator today ne~
Ryoma: huh?
Eiji: So, lets try hard on recording yo~
Ryoma: eh?!
Eiji: It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. Just be relaxed as always. It'll be fine as long as you be genki.
Ryoma: eh? wait! I...
Eiji: Lets begin! Music! Go!

.....*inserts Ryoma singing, see above for lyrics*...
(Eiji: "nya nya nya.. " like this!)
(Eiji: are you falling asleep?)
(Eiji: um...)
(Eiji: not genki at all...)
(Eiji: Itsn't that you who is being a bit dangeous?)
(Eiji: put some strength into it ;_; ...)

Eiji: This is not cute at all! Stop! Stop! Hey Echizen-chan~
Ryoma: Whose part do you want to sing?
Eiji: Hey, what's going on, why aren't you genki at all?
Ryoma: No, I'm always like this.
Eiji: ...that's true-wait NO, I want you to sing this cutely and cheerfully~
Ryoma: That is a bit impossible
Eiji: don't say that, just try it
Ryoma: I really can't
Eiji: I see... But if you sing well, you can eat all the sushi you want at Kawamura's
Ryoma: Really?!
Eiji: yeah, and on top of that you can drink all you want too. what will you do? what will you do?
Ryoma: Ah excuse me Kikumaru senpai.. I guess I can try to sing a bit
Eiji: oh you'll try (something like that @@:) Okay, lets try again! Music! Go!

.....*inserts Ryoma singing again*...

(Eiji: That's good)
(Eiji: Kawaii~)
(Eiji: A little louder~)
(Eiji: almost there)
(Eiji: what kind of data?)
(Eiji: yes yes, this is good)
(Eiji: ???(motto hatsukeru miyouka?))
(Eiji: ???)
(Eiji: again~)
(Eiji: this is too boring, try something more interesting)
(Eiji: that's nice)
(Eiji: suddenly)
(Eiji: you're getting good)
(Eiji: like that)
(Eiji: hey that's neat)
(Eiji: once more)
(Eiji: and at last?)

Eiji: Yay yay yay! Bravo, Bravo, Bravissimo! Ochibi~ That was the greatest!
Eiji: ne Ochibi, why don't you join CAP TO BIN? eh? Ochibi? eh? you fell asleep?
Eiji: can this be... the The State of Self-Actualization?! (1)

(1): asuki says: Muga no Kyouchi is translated in the manga as "The State of Self-Actualization". It refers to a state reached by a player when they push pass their own limits, at this point the tennis they play no longer have thoughts as their own bodies are reacting from past experiences accordingly. In this state players are able to use skills of other players that they have played previously. All in all their abilities are lifted to a new level. However it is extremely tiring and first-timers (Ryoma, Kirihara) collapse from exhaustion afterwards.

So at the end of the song it explains to us why Ryoma did such an out of character thing, it was because the person who was singing wasn't really Ryoma's mindframe. XD

i am a lonely bucket ~:"(emcyclopedia on November 28th, 2005 08:08 am (UTC)

Arigatogozaimasu! :D
I couldn't stop laughing after you translated the lyrics and I FINALLY understood what they meant. XD

Thank youu!
red_regen on December 15th, 2005 05:26 pm (UTC)
Glad that I found the translation at last XD

I've been wondering for a long time what Kikkumaru said to Ryoma to make him sing that song. So it's for the sushi
neooldetokyoneooldetokyo on September 4th, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)
I'm so excited to find a translation for this.
SUSHI - it all makes sense now ;)
(Anonymous) on April 12th, 2009 05:38 pm (UTC)
thanks for the translations and lyrics..they were awesome..i finally understood the meaning of the song..i always knew it was bout something lame but i just couldnt figure it out..haha so thanks alot!
(Anonymous) on February 5th, 2010 05:15 am (UTC)
Thanks you! I've been looking for these forever you rock!.
~Ki Ikari
nymphellnymphell on July 24th, 2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
thankyou !

Echizen uses Muga no Kyouchi to singing this song ? LOL XDD
i think he tried his best XD

Funny! i love ryoma vers.